Villages in the Khao Lak Area

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Khao Lak Village
When arriving to the area Khao Lak Village is located on the left just before Lak Mountain. This area of Khao Lak is mostly family oriented with and ambiance of tranquility and peaceful atmosphere. With about one kilometer of beautiful beach it is one of the lesser known beaches and therefore there are hardly ever many people on that beach. Of hotels and resorts at Khao Lak Village we can mention Khaolak Emerald Beach Resort and Spa, Khaolak Merlin Resort, the Briza Beach Resort and X2 Khao Lak Anda Mani Resort. There are many small Thai restaurants with Pizzeria Da Luciano, Lamai on the main road, and Joe Seafood are some of the more popular to eat at.

Bang La On
After driving through all the turns in Lak Mountain one arrives at Bang La On. After the Tsunami in 2004 the world press came to the area and this became Khao Lak Center. The first resort you will see is Khao Lak Sunset Resort, then there is a long line of resorts located almost at the beach; Khaolak Bayfront Resort, Wanaburee Resort, Moracea, Sensimar, Khaolak Laguna Resort, Centara Seaview Resort and Khao Lak Bhandari Resort and Spa. McDonald’s is located practically in the middle of everything, of other great places to eat there are; Qcumber Salads which is a well visited lunch restaurant, Walkers in with Thai and English food, Phu Khao Lak Thai restaurant has high end Thai food with seafood as their specialty. At the only light cross in La On you can turn down Nang Thong Road, where Namg Thong Supermarket is, and turn left to get to the public beach named Nang Thong Beach.

Bang Bang Niang
Continuing north when passing Ban Bang Niang Primary School you arrive in, yes you guessed it, Ban Bang Niang. Ban Bang Niang is steadily becoming the center of the whole Khao Lak area. NGA Travel Thailand office is located here in Bang Niang. Another light cross is at the main road, if you turn here you go down Ban Niang Beach Road which is where it all is. Of well-known resorts worth mentioning there is; La Flora, Ramada, Chongfah Beach Resort, Sudala, and Fanari. There are also many smaller guesthouses spread out on the beach side of the main road as well as many new ones are shooting up on the mountain side as well. Chongfah Bang Niang Market is an outdoor market in the heart of Ban Bang Niang, it is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Souvenirs, clothes, food, and many other things can be bought here for a fraction of what it would cost at a shopping center. The tsunami boat Tor 813 is by the International Tsunami Museum just a five minute walk across the road from Bang Niang Market. Finding the best tours in Khao Lak is easy as NGA Travel operates from here.

The main bus station in Khao Lak is located here in Khuekkhak. Phang Nga Provincial Meteorological Station is here in Khuekkhak, they have a big sign at the fron showing the temperature. It is also here you find Khao Lak Mohin Tara Hotel as well as The Haven and Khao Lak Orchid Beach Resort. If you want to go to a gym, Body Balance Gym is on the main road, Petchkasem Road. By the bus station is where the biggest open air fresh market is, here you can buy all kind of meat as well as fruit and vegetables. A big housing area, Home Place is where there are a lot of houses for rent, mainly long term rentals.

Pakarang Cape
Towards Pakarang Cape you get by JW Mariott and Apsara Beachfront Resort, in between them two is Memories Beach Bar on White Sand Beach which has surfing equipment for rent.

At Bangsak Beach you may visit the Tsunami Memorial Monument where a fishing boat was beached and there is a large wall with plates of the names of victims of the 2004 tsunami who disappeared on that tragic day. Beyond Resort, Manathai Khao Lak, and Bangsak Village are the most famous resorts in this area.

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