Mangrove Explorers Khao Lak

Not far from Khao Lak is where the peaceful and amazing mangrove ecosystem is located. Up until now it was just visited by local fishermen, and we have now made it possible for everyone to become part of the mangrove jungle and forest by sailing through it all in a kayak. This is the only excursion in the Khao Lak area that takes you to the 60 large mangrove ecosystem and beyond.

Mangrove Exploration and Kayaking

The Mangrove Exploration and Kayaking excursion starts by getting into a long-tail boat at a small fishing village. From here the long-tail boat takes us on a cruise into the mangrove forest, sailing through mangrove rivers with plenty of photo opportunities, and then arrive at a floating platform where we get into the kayaks, and the exploration starts.

In the kayaks we get up really close to the mangrove ecosystem, and paddling through this beautiful nature gives a sense of tranquility and amazement of how this self-sufficient tropical ecosystem has been built up through time. Kayaking through small streams in between the roots of mangrove trees the wildlife also comes very close. We then head back to the platform for some relaxation and refreshments. Here there is also an opportunity to go for a swim before getting into the long-tail boat and head back to the pier.

Price 2,200 THB P.P. (Adults only)


Shoreline Cruise and Secluded Beach

If you are looking for a beach with no-one else but you on it, this is it!

Our Shoreline Cruise and Secluded Beach tour starts by going to the Royal Thai Navy Turtle Conservation Center in Thap Lamu, here we will have a look at the turtles that have been collected as eggs and hatched here at the conservation center. The eggs are collected every year from beaches around Khao Lak as well as from Similan Islands and Surin National Park. When the turtles are six months to a year old they are released into the wild.

After leaving the pier in our long-tail boat we sail past small fishing villages, rivers, and we do still get close to the mangrove forest for great photo opportunities. We will end up on a very long and wide sandy beach where we can relax and enjoy a completely stress free day in the tropical scenery. Here we will also enjoy our lunch and refreshments, including local Thai fruit.

Adult 2,400 THB P.P.
Child 1,700 THB P.C


Mangrove Fishing and Relaxing Adventure

The Khao Lak mangroves is a closed ecosystem with an abundance of wildlife above and below the sea. The local Thai people have been living in this area for many generations, so who would know the area best? Yes, you are right, the locals, most of them are direct descendants from sea gypsies who know the area as this is their own backyard. Two or three locals will take us out to show us the best fishing spots at any time of the year, and we will all do our best to catch our lunch together.

After a couple of hours we head back to our floating base camp where our captain and crew will prepare our lunch, a real fisherman’s meal with refreshments and fruit. After relaxation we can either go back fishing, go to a beautiful sandy beach, go swimming, or how about getting into the kayaks and paddle around in this relaxing atmosphere?
This tour can be personalized and tailored to suit everyone’s character on the day.

Adult 2,400 THB P.P.
Child 1,700 THB P.C


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Important Info

  • Camera
  • Mosquito Spray
  • Swimwear
  • Dry Clothes
  • Beach towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera and water proof bag to cover
  • Small Purse for Cash

07:30 – 10:00 Pick up times vary depending on the tide.
14:00 – 17:00 Drop off at the hotel vary depending on the tide.

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