Thai Village Tour

Get close to the unique Thai culture, its always smiling people, and some of the amazing lifestyles that people live through Buddhism and other ancient beliefs. We will also visit a Turtle Sanctuary with young and old turtles.

James Bond Island

Sightseeing from a long-tail boat and getting up close to the limestone formations from a canoe.
Visiting a fishing village on stilts with a floating football field.

Khao Sok Jungle Trek

Get really close to one of the oldest rain forests in the world. A great day out with jungle trek, jungle coffee, in the jungle, and an amazing trip down Sok River on a bamboo raft.

Thai Village Excursion

Thai Village Tour

A great opportunity to get closer to the Thai people and the Thai way of life. We visit an amazing temple by the sea, a Chinese inspired shrine where many of the local festivals are originating from. We also visit a turtle sanctuary where the turtles are take care of from when the hatch until they are old enough to being set free into the Andaman Sea.
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Khao Lak Mangrove Exploration

Mangrove Explorers Khao LakThe Khao Lak Explorer excursions are some of the tours that not many people know about. Visit the amazing mangrove forest ecosystem which is absolutely untouched by man. More than 60 of tropical climate experienced up-close from a long-tail boat and kayak. There are three types of mangrove forest explorations to choose from.
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James Bond Island Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay Tour James Bond Island

James Bond Island is located in Ao Phang Nga National Park. We will leave early in the morning from the Khao Lak area to get to Phang Nga Bay before everyone else. The beauty of the early morning sun will meet us in the long-tail boat when we sail through Phang Nga Bay. We have 2 excursions for you to chose from, have a look…
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Snorkeling Surin & Similan Islands

Mangrove Explorers Khao LakOne of the activities you must do when in the Khao Lak area is to go snorkeling. Similan Islands is where most people go snorkeling from Khao Lak. Whereas snorkeling at Surin Islands is where it is least crowded, and also where the most beautiful corals are in the Andaman Sea. Snorkeling at Surin and Similan Islands National Parks.
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